Chairman’s Update 25th April 2020

I hope you and your families are safe and well.

The Barlow is still in the midst of the lockdown but there has been huge activity from a small army of volunteers looking after the needs and supporting a whole raft of people within our community with a vast array of services and help. If you need anything at all or know of anybody who needs support within our community please let me know and we will look to find whatever is required.

Most of our current ‘business as usual’ is on hold but there is still a small team of people working on the Woodland project and we are making progress on a funding bid for heating and window services. We are also hoping to carry out some painting and decorating improvements and a start has been made on cleaning and re-varnishing the floors.

Those of you who have passed the Barlow this week will have seen that road planings have been used as a base to improve the layout and safety of the Barlow car park. A new concrete base has also been laid at the entrance to again improve the safety of pedestrians and avoid damage to cars. Many thanks to all the Cricket Club members who freely gave up their time during the week to undertake this hard work and to minimise the cost. Social distancing was maintained at all times.

On Tuesday, whilst the work was taking place, an article was published in the Lancashire Telegraph regarding plans to place double yellow lines on Bolton Road. Surprisingly, neither the Barlow nor the Cricket Club had been informed. We are seeking clarification of plans from BwD Council.

This would inevitably result in a greater demand for parking spaces on the car park.

With this as a consideration, and the fact that the road planings would only improve the car park for 1-2 years, I am pleased to inform you that on Thursday, the Barlow Trustees and the ECRC Committee agreed to collaboratively fund the laying of a 50mm tarmac layer on top of the new base. Parking spaces will then be marked out, thereby optimising the capacity of the 1,350 sq metre area.

Thanks to a member of the cricket club who regularly utilises a tarmac company through his professional capacity, we will undertake the works at an excellent cost.

Speed has been of the essence due to the current availability of the tarmac contractor during these difficult times.

The area was surveyed Friday April 24 and work will commence on Monday to further prep the base with the tarmac being laid on Tuesday. They will then return later in the week to paint the lines, including provision for disabled parking spaces.

Many thanks to all of the fantastic volunteers who are giving their time in both supporting our community and undertaking these improvement works.

Mike Fay – Chairman

We are simply Social Distancing

we’re here to help and we’ll see you all soon


The Trustees at the Barlow have looked to ensure that a copy of the CV Leaflet Blue has been hand delivered to every household in North Turton Parish, however it appears that we have missed a small number of properties so please find the detail and the support numbers available to you below, if the individual that you call cannot immediately answer your query they have full back up and a small army of volunteers ready to help and support.

Mike Fay, Trustee Board Chairman.

The Barlow – Covid19 update


The Barlow Trustees and Operational Management teams met yesterday afternoon (Monday 16 March) to agree on a strategy moving forward in light of the current situation.


It was decided that we will follow the Government guidelines in all respects and the advice at that time was to carry on with caution and increased hygiene practices. We had made provision for each user group to make its own decision on whether to carry on meeting at the Barlow and that the Barlow would  kept open until such time as Government advice changed.


Three hours later the Government advice did change and we have all been advised to avoid non-essential contact for the foreseeable future.


Therefore it is with great reluctance that we must stop all gatherings at the Barlow with immediate effect and all User Groups will be informed accordingly. The Reading Room Cafe is now closed (from March 16) until further notice.


The Barlow office will be closed, but if you need help you can leave a message on 01204 852216 or alternatively, you can e-mail info@thebarlow.co.uk. In either case, we shall respond to you as quickly as we are able. 


This is a truly dynamic situation and as the position changes we will notify immediately. We are also looking to put in place some form of shopping collection service for the most vulnerable in our community, although the details of such a service has yet to be agreed. 


The Barlow is there to be the Community hub for all and we wish it to serve the community as well as is safe and practicable throughout this crisis and beyond, if you need help during this difficult period or believe that you can provide help please do not hesitate to contact us.




Mike Fay

Chairman – Barlow Trustees

Welcome to
The Barlow Edgworth

Set within the stunning Lancashire countryside, the village of Edgworth is home to the charming estate known as The Barlow. Built in 1909 and nestled in the heart of the village the Barlow is firmly embedded in the local community, offering a place to meet, relax, play and explore for local residents and visitors to the area alike.

The Barlow has an assortment of facilities for events from private parties to corporate functions, and offers a truly unique wedding venue with its captivating and attractive décor. Relax with a coffee in the Reading Room Coffee Shop and Bar, be entertained at one of our events or bring your children to the playground.