Many people have been involved in researching the lives of the soldiers and all their contributions have been appreciated.

The work of the research group has been co-ordinated and edited by Linda Spencer (apart from biographies by A Woodward).

The names of the researchers are shown on the bottom of each biography. Those who have completed more than 20 biographies each are:

Linda Spencer, Alan Woodward, Irene Spencer and Karen Oldfield

Wendy Carley
Eileen Cowen
Martin Duckworth
Paul Dyson
Sandra Glancy
Jennifer Layne
Marjorie Lomax
Graeme McIver
Margaret Ollerton
Derek Ramsden

Anthony Redman
Jocelyn Russell
Stephen Shields
Andrew Spencer
Helena Spencer
Mary Tebay
Katharine Warman
Kathleen Westhead
Lesley Westhead

Thanks are due to the following people who have assisted with the project:

Heritage Lottery Funding arranged by Peter Charnock and Julian Clissold

Michael Williams for rescuing the photographs during renovations to The Barlow

Duncan Stott for reproducing the original photographs of 144 soldiers in The Barlow

Alan Woodward for design of front and back covers

Julie Lamara, Collections Access Officer-Local Studies, Bolton History Centre and Steven Hartshorne, Information and Enquiry Officer, Bolton Museum and Archive

Jennifer Layne, British Home Children Research and Advocacy Association for information relating to Canadian soldiers linked with the National Children’s Home and Orphanage and Anita D Forth for history of the NCHO.

Isabel Holowaty, Bodleian History Librarian, Oxford University