Chairman’s Update 12th Feb 2021

12 Feb, 2021

Hello everybody, this is a quick update on the BARLOW ROOF PROJECT and a request for VOLUNTEERS……

This evening The Barlow Trustees agreed to a proposal to replace the Barlow Roof with a project to start from the early part of March and last through to some time in May. The plan is to replace the roof pretty much like for like with clay tiles as per the original although the roof will look somewhat different as the current tiles are some 110 years old and were originally a terracotta style red, and the new roof will be the same, we expect this roof will have a 70 to 80-year lifespan although the current roof in the same material lasted much longer. We are planning to keep the existing gutters which are made from cast iron and we believe that we have the expertise to refurbish the gutters in situ and that they will then have a further 50 or so year life span.

Volunteers Needed…

It is for this part of the project we are looking for around 6 volunteers to work at height on the scaffolding over a three week period from the end of March machine brushing the insides of the guttering, bitumen painting the insides, and Hammerite painting the outsides. Height training will be given and all technical and safety equipment will be provided. Anybody interested in helping please message either the Barlow Facebook page or directly to myself.

Contractors Get in Touch…

One further point, as part of the overall project we need to re-point all of the chimneys on the roof and we invite potential local contractors to quote us for the work required, again either message the Barlow or myself directly.

PS…… the Trustees also agreed on a package to replace all of the windows to the front and side elevations of the building, plus replacement doors to the Main Hall, Main entrance, and Reading Room. The windows will be like for like but double glazed, and the replacement doors will be aesthetically as close to the originals as possible and will also provide modern standards of both security and insulation.

PPS…….watch this space for an imminent artist impression of what the new playground will look like! ………..


Mike Fay
Trustees Chair

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