The charity was set up to manage the Barlow estate and in so doing provide facilities to improve the condition of life of the local community. The charity has specific goals; to provide a social centre and recreational facilities for all.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to manage our community’s inheritance to provide attractive facilities across a diverse range of activities that are both welcoming and accessible to all. To focus on the future sustainability of this unique and historic estate for social, cultural, educational, sporting and recreational purposes.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build upon our unique legacy and create a thriving destination providing educational, recreational, and social wellbeing for the local and wider community based on our historical values and quality of life.

The Trustees is an elected body of volunteers who are in place to manage the running of the Charity. The board has many responsibilities from daily governance, charity finances through to managing the strategic direction of the Charity Estate gifted to the village of Edgworth.

The Board is made up of individuals that bring specific skills to the Charity. Trustees are elected annually at our AGM by the community and include representatives from North Turton Parish Council, our custodian Trustees.

Current Trustees are:

Michael Fay, Chair and User Group Nominee –

Lynn Jeffries, the Treasurer, appointed by NTPC

Paul Allen –

Phil Mc Dermott – appointed by NTPC

Guy Haynes

Kerry Holt

Alex Wilson (co-opted)

Secretary to The Board of Trustees – Andrew Tighe –

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Limited Liability Update

On 23rd April the trustees published the report of the Steering Group charged with considering the feasibility of a limited liability structure for the Barlow.  At that time, the trustees also informed you that they were seeking legal advice about limited liability options open to the Barlow.

I am pleased to let you know that the trustees have now received that advice from Paul Matthews of WHN Solicitors, Bury and we are publishing it here for your consideration.

After the AGM the new board of trustees will be discussing the implications of Paul Matthews’ advice.  Over the following months they will then open up the discussion by way of a public consultation.

The Barlow Board of Trustees


To read the report from WHN Solicitors please click the link below:


Introduction to report from Limited Liability Steering Group

At the AGM held in August 2018, a resolution was passed to set up a working group to consider the feasibility of a limited liability structure for the Barlow, be it a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) as proposed by the previous Trustees or other legal entity likewise affording limited liability like a Community Interest Company (CIC).

The working group was duly established and gave detailed consideration to various options over a period of some ten weeks. The working group reported to the Trustees on 31st October 2018 and made a subsequent presentation to the Trustees on 29th November 2018.  You will see their recommendations in the published report which can be downloaded below.

The report provided the Trustees with a good basis to take soundings from relevant professionals about the practicality, cost and timescale if the Trustees were to implement any of the recommendations and, if so, in what form.

Those initial soundings gave the Trustees grounds for doubt and uncertainty about the feasibility of the recommendations and which precise structure we should adopt in the best interests of the Barlow.

Over the past few months therefore, the Trustees  have sought advice from our accountant to clarify and confirm the options open to the Barlow Charity as to which would be the most appropriate limited liability status vehicle.

The preliminary advice we have received is that a CIC is probably not an appropriate vehicle.  This appears to be at odds with what the Steering Group report recommends and is one of the reasons we are seeking further advice before making a final decision.  This is an ongoing process and we do not envisage being able to proceed to a full public consultation until we are confident that have received legal and financial advice/confirmation of the options available and, more significantly, which option is the best for the Barlow.

In terms of the report’s recommendations regarding the constitution, the Trustees do not feel that we should make any changes to the constitution at this stage in light of the above reservations and the further advice we feel are duty bound to seek.  We are currently asking our legal adviser to examine the present constitution and we expect him to report back to us sometime in June.

The Trustees wish to record a vote of thanks for the hard work put in by the Steering group in producing their Report in a timely manner.

The Barlow Trustees

23rd April 2019

To read the report click below:


Friends of The Barlow

Blackburn with Darwen Council handed over the running and upkeep of The Barlow to the community in 2013.  The Barlow Charity is supported by its volunteers who run a regular programme of activities and events which contribute to funding.  These include the Saturday morning community cafe, the Reading Room coffee shop, the regular weekly groups and the special events.

An important source of funding is The Friends of the Barlow scheme.  By becoming a Friend you can contribute to a fund to repair and renovate the structural fabric of the building.  In the longer term, money will be used to upgrade, refresh and improve facilities.  At current estimates, The Barlow needs £750,000 within the next few years to be brought up to scratch.

If you want to help preserve this important village hub, but don’t have time to volunteer, you can support the Friends of the Barlow by making a regular monthly donation of any amount.  A suggested figure would be £5 per month which can be increased to £6.25 with Gift Aid.

It is our intention to communicate regularly with “Friends” to ensure that they feel fully involved in preserving The Barlow for future generations.  We are also developing a package of “benefits” for Friends, currently priority booking is offered for some ticketed events.  Get the seat of your choice!  More benefits in the pipeline.  If you wish to contribute please complete the form(s) below and either send to your bank with an email copy to or return to the office in a sealed envelope addressed to Friends of  The Barlow.  For further information please contact the office or email

All it needs is a Standing Order Form – download and complete one today.  Thanks in advance.


The extent of the problem – you can help with the solution: