Egypt comes to Edgworth

Young people learn about Annie Barlow’s Egyptian finds

A fabulous afternoon at The Barlow as young people from The Young Archaeologists’ Club at Bolton Museum visited The Barlow.

More than 20 children came along with Ian Trumble (Collections Access Officer – Archaeology, Egyptology and World Culture) from the award-winning Bolton Museum.

Ian has a particular interest in the Egyptian collection acquired by Annie Barlow and has been instrumental in designing the new Egyptian Gallery at the museum.

The young people wanted to know about Annie and came along to Edgworth to see The Barlow “Institute” (as it was when Annie managed it), to see where James Barlow was born, the Methodist church and Greenthorne – taking in the ice cream shop on the way.  They also made models of Egyptian Shabti and Anubis and decorated them.

On this special occasion, original priceless artefacts from the Egypt collection were brought along for them to copy – a shabti, bracelet and small vessels.

The original artefacts Ian brought along

Honey painting her model of Anubis – great model!

Ian, Honey and helper Caroline with a model shabti and the real thing!

A shabti is a handy thing to have as it will look after you in the Afterlife.

We look forward to our next collaboration with Bolton Museum and Ian.

“We had a great weekend on a #YACadventure at #Edgworth exploring the modern history behind #BoltonsEgypt We made shabtis & amulets in the

built by Annie Barlow & Family. Walked to see where she lived & where she was buried + we had ice cream at Holdens”