Multi-Use Games Arena Update

22 Feb, 2021


Hello everybody, some of you may have seen the Cricket Club Chairman’s Report a couple of days ago which mentioned the Planning Approval for the Multi-Use Games Arena (MUGA), as reported work will start on this immediately, and we will see changes happening and safety fencing being erected from tomorrow onwards at the back of the Barlow building.

Can everybody please bear with us over the next couple of months or so as we run through the amazing projects that will see us looking quite spectacular by Summer as the MUGA gets up and running, the new playground announced last week gets installed, the new roof for the Barlow building gets done, and the front of the building gets a fabulous facelift with new double glazed windows and doors……Not to mention the upgrades in the Barlow Woodlands that will happen as soon as Covid restrictions allow.

For those folk interested in what appears to be an age-old question about Cricket Club rent, I can also confirm that the first quarterly payment of £1000 on a new 25-year agreement on the MUGA will be made on April 1st.

Below is a plan of how the MUGA will take shape.

Copies of this plan and the detailed Planning Permissions are available below…

MUGA Planning Decision

MUGA Planning Report

Proposed Layout of 5 a side pitch

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