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27 Aug, 2019

There have been exciting developments at The Barlow and we want to keep you in the loop.

As you may be aware, there has been a shared desire to hand the reins of the ‘day to day’ running of the Barlow back to those people who give their time and effort at a grass roots level;  the Volunteers.  This has been warmly supported by the Trustees and I’m happy to report that this transition has begun.

It was agreed that the best way to do this would be to create a team of enthusiastic volunteers who would act as a conduit between the existing Volunteer Teams and the Trustees. Following a recent open election, we now have a group of 7 on the Interim Management Team (IMT).  It is considered ‘Interim’ because we realise that the role may evolve over time and it will be reviewed at the end of the year.

The current members of the team are:

Nigel Truswell  (Chair), Andrew Waller, Chris Ryan, Sara Lobley, Phillip Grundy, Diane Radcliffe, Heather Abela

Even better news, the Volunteer Teams now have full responsibility for their own areas of expertise.  The one current exception is the Reading Room which is critically important to the success of The Barlow and needs careful and time-consuming management and the transition will take longer.

We have also identified several strategic and routinely important areas that are crucial to the long-term future of The Barlow.  A lot of work is already ongoing, and we intend to build on that by setting up Working Groups made up of Trustees, Volunteers and other interested parties to focus on these:

  • Policy and Planning – Establish a long term business/development plan for The Barlow
  • Funding and Development – Progress existing external bids and research new funding and development opportunities
  • Finance – Establish finance plans, budgets and targets
  • Estate Management with Health and Safety – Draw up an Estate Management Plan

If you are interested in supporting or being involved in any of these Working Groups, we would be delighted to hear from you by emailing:-  nigel@thebarlow.co.uk.  Please spread the word.

 Similarly, if you have any questions or comments then please do send them through to the same address.  We will do everything we can to answer them, but as we’re sure you will appreciate, it is still early days.  We promise to keep you updated as things progress.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you at The Barlow soon,

Nigel Truswell

IMT Chairman – on behalf of the IMT.

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