Edgworth man found in Oxford

Patrick Basil Barlow – the only WW1 soldier from Edgworth who went to Oxford.


Researchers recently discovered Basil’s memorial in New College.  Following the recent visit by World War 1 researchers to The Bodleian Library in Oxford to hand over the commemorative books, information was discovered relating to Basil Barlow.  This has now been sent to the Archivist at New College, Oxford who has responded as follows:

“I wanted to say how much we appreciate having it here. These biographies are so informative and carefully compiled, yet so poignant to read, and we owe it to these men to remember them and what they did. The Barlow Project website seems an excellent way to present your group’s research to best advantage, and we’ll happily recommend it to all who wish to know more about the 1914-18 war.”  Jennifer Thorp, New College Archivist

Read all about him here: