Results of the Re-convened AGM

2 Aug, 2018

1st August 2018

Results of The Barlow re-convened AGM

The Barlow AGM re-convened on 1st August with around 150 people attending a lively meeting in a packed hall.

The Charity’s proposed change to Charity Incorporated Organisation was discussed in depth and it was decided to set up a Working Group to consider the implications for The Barlow, be it a CIO or other legal entity affording limited liability.  A resolution to this effect was overwhelmingly carried and the Working Group will report within three months.  It was agreed the Working Group would comprise 12 volunteers.  If you wish to volunteer please email

The legal Constitution of The Barlow, called the “Scheme” dating to 2000 was still in force.

The Board of Trustees will consist of four members appointed by the Parish Council, one of which will be Stephen Danks, four nominated by User Groups plus two elected members.  Colin Rigby and Daniel Wild were duly elected into those positions.  The previous Trustees stood down.

A progress report will be presented at the Parish Council meeting on 3rd September to which all are welcome to attend.

We appreciate the work that the previous Trustees have carried out and would like to extend our thanks to them for their efforts.

In the meantime, it is business as usual at The Barlow and the Reading Room.


Stephen Danks, Trustee (North Turton Parish Councillor)

Colin Rigby, Trustee

Daniel Wild, Trustee


2nd August 2018

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