Secretary to Trustees

23 Jun, 2019

Volunteer needed

If you would like to help the Barlow but only have a limited amount of time available, the position of volunteer Secretary to the Board of Trustees might be of interest:

The role of Secretary to the Board of Trustees

The Board is currently meeting more or less fortnightly and we aim to restrict meetings to 2 hours maximum.

Times vary but usually after 4pm, evening meetings from 7 pm.

Apart from sending out agendas, attending meetings and taking minutes the Secretary also notifies the Board’s decisions to volunteers and others, usually via the appropriate email or letter contact.

It is an important role and one which we would like to fill asap.

If you would like to know more and/or meet trustees to discuss further please contact Steve Danks, Vice-Chair/Acting Chair, Barlow Board of Trustees


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