8 Aug, 2018

8th August 2018

Statement from the new Trustees at The Barlow, Edgworth

A re-convened AGM took place on 1st August at The Barlow, Edgworth which was attended by a record 150+ people.  The then Trustees had hoped that the residents of North Turton would approve a new Constitution for The Barlow in the form of a “CIO”; however, there were very many questions outstanding relating to the proposed new scheme and it was overwhelmingly rejected.

The previous Trustees stood down en masse at the end of the AGM.

Two new Trustees (Colin Rigby OBE and Daniel Wild) were duly elected to join Stephen Danks, the incoming Trustee from the Parish Council.  Since then, two further Trustees have been appointed by the Parish Council, Mark Sutherland, a Barrister-at-Law, together with Christine Waring, a retired School Governor – making five in total.  Additional Trustees from the various user groups of the Barlow will be invited to join soon in line with the Scheme which governs the Barlow in operation since 2000.

The new Trustees at The Barlow would like to take the opportunity to reassure the residents of North Turton and the wider community about any uncertainties they may feel.  They are determined that it will be “Business as Usual” and anyone who has an event or wedding booked can be sure that everything will go ahead as planned.  In addition, The Reading Room will be open as usual for drinks and light meals.

The new Trustees will continue to update the Barlow estate and Working Groups have already been set up to look at different aspects of the Charity’s future, including the possibility of a revised Constitution to support planned developments.  One of the first priorities will be the repair of the roof as well as long overdue internal refurbishment works.

The new Trustees also hope that decision making and implementation of those decisions can be more open and transparent in the future whilst seeking to involve many members of the community in a meaningful manner.  They are grateful for the numerous offers of help and support already received.

When the Barlow Memorial Institute was opened in 1909, Sir Thomas Barlow, reminiscing about his parents said:

“They would not be satisfied until the Institute was managed by Edgworth people for Edgworth people.  That was the only truly satisfactory basis on which it could be worked.”

The new Trustees intend to honour that democratic ideal which rings true today and thank the Barlow Family for their ongoing support which is still forthcoming over a century later.

The Barlow is for the people of the area and the Trustees would say this:  “The Barlow NEEDS YOU!”

All are therefore welcome at The Barlow and if anyone would like to volunteer their expertise at this exciting time do make contact.  Our email address is

Progress reports and newsletters will be posted on The Barlow website – – where other information about events and facilities can also be found.







Blackburn with Darwen Council handed over the running and upkeep of The Barlow to the community in 2013. Since then The Barlow Charity has relied upon the generosity of benefactors and income from users of the facilities, plus the efforts of volunteers to sustain this much valued community facility. Significant improvements have been carried out to help ensure a long-term future, including a new roof, replacement windows, new hygienic worktops in the coffee shop kitchen and a new hot water & heating system. Most recently (summer 2022) the renovation of the outdoor veranda has been completed and a new adjacent decking area has been installed. In addition the snooker room has been restored to its former splendour by a small group of volunteers.

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An important source of funding that has contributed to the above mentioned improvements is The Friends of the Barlow scheme.  By becoming a Friend you can contribute to a fund that is used for repairs and renovations to the structural fabric of the building and pathways etc, and to upgrade, refresh and improve facilities e.g. now that the building is once again weathertight there are plans being drawn up for the main hall can be deep-cleaned, re-decorated and refurbished and other water-damaged areas such as the main stairway & its beautiful large, stained glass window to also be restored to their former glory.

As a Friend of The Barlow, your regular donations provide a much appreciated, steady income stream that to date (summer 2022) has raised in the region of over £40,000, which has been mostly used contributing towards paying for the roof, windows and heating system.
We intend to soon publish the overall list of improvements/tasks and from that you will see that there is a significant amount of expenditure still needed to achieve all of the identified tasks and improvements. We would welcome donations/sponsorship for specific items that may be of particular interest to individuals or families or groups, but the regular donations by Friends of The Barlow are also crucial. Therefore, we welcome any and all new donors and are grateful for whatever amount you choose to donate.

We are of course also very grateful to all of our existing Friends of The Barlow and if you are able to increase your monthly donation by any amount, that would be hugely appreciated – you can either make the increase to your standing order directly with your bank or you can complete a new form and send it to your bank or give it to us to process.

Please also consider increasing the value of your donation at no extra cost to you by using Gift Aid – as an example, an £8 donation from you becomes £10 with the Gift Aid add-on!

If you wish to donate please click on the link below, complete the form and either send it to your bank with an email copy to our email address  or return the completed form to the Barlow’s office in a sealed envelope addressed to Friends of The Barlow.  Paper copies of the form are available from The Barlow.

For any further information please email or contact the office via or 01204 852216.

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