Unique show at The Barlow

“Wonderful lively show”

An opportunity to see Idle Women of the Wartime Waterways at The Barlow.  Normally Kate and Heather travel around in a narrow boat to perform but this year’s climate conditions have caused a few difficulties in that regard.  However, they will be at The Barlow on 14th September to bring you this:

“wonderfully lively show – full of warmth and honesty”

It is a double bill of theatre, storytelling, poetry and music, based on the accounts of women themselves, who answered the call to work the “idle” boats on the canals during World War 2.

The production is a finalist in the Living Waterways Awards to be announced on 20th September.  We wish them luck!

‘Idle Women of the Waterway Waterways makes a delightful evening and if you find this show is coming to a canal near you then make an effort to catch it!’  -London Grip, 5/4/17

Tickets are available online now at only £8

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Read more about the show here:

Idle Women – Women of the WW2 Waterways