December 2019


 A lot has happened since our last update issued in September.  Significantly the Board has been strengthened with the appointment of two new Trustees – Guy Haynes and Kerry Holt and a Secretary –Andy Tighe.  We very much welcome all three and the extra support and expertise which they bring.

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Peter Russell stepped down in October. We are very sorry to lose him and thank him for his excellent contribution to the Board.

Looking ahead we are delighted to announce that Mike Fay is to become the new Chair in January. 

The Board has also agreed to pilot three open meetings in the New Year which anyone will be welcome to attend.

Like the Parish Council the first 15minutes of each meeting will be time allocated for questions or comments about Agenda items or any other matters which residents would like to raise.

Hopefully this approach will encourage more people to become involved in the Barlow and gain an insight into the role of both the Trustees and volunteers.  Who knows perhaps you might even like to join us?  New volunteers are always welcome.

It should also remove the need for anyone to feel that they must post false, misleading or abusive Social Media comments, whilst hiding their true identity behind fantasy or fictitious names, which unfortunately has been the case in recent months.  Instead they will now have the opportunity to openly discuss issues with the Trustees face-to-face.

The Board has also recently reviewed the volunteer run Interim Management Team which continues to make progress and is now responsible for the day to day running of the Barlow.

The management team is fully supported by the Trustees and has been largely welcomed by the volunteers.  We look forward to its continued development and any changes introduced to improve the Barlow’s future offering to the Community.

On the Funding front we are awaiting the outcome of bids to Viridor, Veolia and the Post Code Lottery Fund and have recently had discussions with the National Lottery about the possibility of making a new application.

Currently we are continuing to develop a full Business and Funding Strategy part of which will include Crowd Funding. A number of local residents have been encouraging us to go down this route and some have pledged sums of up to £1,000 in support.

We are hoping that we can to get this off the ground early next year.

Meanwhile we are still working with the Parish Council to obtain a Public Works Loan of up to £250,000 towards the cost of a new roof.  However, currently NTPC is taking advice to ensure that this can be achieved legally before any further progress can be made.

The volunteers, as always, have continued to do an excellent job raising funds by supporting and organising events at the Barlow.  A few recent examples include the Beer Festival, Halloween Night, Mountain Music, One Foot in the Groove Christmas Party, Kids Mini Cinema and the Christmas Tree Lights Switch-On.

There are more events before Christmas to look forward to including Christmas Frolics and in January/February the ever popular pantomime – Aladdin.  Find information and tickets for all events at

 The Folk Festival in October was yet again a huge success and we would like to record our appreciation to Bromley Cross Folk Club for donating the profits from this event which this year amounted to a fantastic £3,400.  Thanks also to the Friends of the Barlow who have continued to support us throughout the year.

We would also like to thank you all for your continued support throughout the year. The Barlow is there for everyone to enjoy, whatever their age, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Finally we hope that you all have a Very Happy Christmas and Wish you all the best throughout Next Year 2020.

 Stephen Danks, on behalf of Barlow Trustees 3rd December 2019

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