Res Publica and The Virtual String Orchestra – cancelled

The Barlow is closed until further notice.  If you have a ticket for this event you will receive a full refund shortly.

“Res Publica” is a brand new musical touring piece, from brilliant South West band: The People’s String Foundation, (virtuoso violinist Ben Sutcliffe and co founder and composer Zaid Al-Rikabi). This Spring the boys are packing a 32 piece Gypsy Orchestra into a suitcase and taking a “Virtual Orchestra” on tour with them as a live duo, to perform their newest album release “Res Publica” to audiences nationwide. This music is sure to set your heart racing, get your toes tapping, and warm the soul with the people’s spirit and grafter’s hearts.

The second half of the show offers the chance to hear the PSF’s most popular songs and compositions working as they do as musical directors for Knee High, Rogue Theatre and The Minack, Cornwall.

Through film, and an epic soundscape the band takes a full recorded orchestra on tour with them to rural locations, allowing everyone to have access to an orchestral experience, as well as a story of the journey of a marionette.  Music and narrative are woven together to create an unusual piece that fuses different art forms to create a performance like no other. The live music element, combined with the high quality screen imagery work wonderfully to take each audience member on a immersive journey combining sound, film and puppetry, and performed to the backdrop of an awesome virtual orchestra.

“The vocal performances are remarkable and the orchestrations are inventive, exploratory and beautifully performed. The entire piece is fresh and youthfully enthusiastic with clear production values on a classical scale.  Surely these musicians and this piece are worthy of consideration for this year’s Mercury prize.” Ralph McTell.