2 Aug, 2020


Hello all, as you know this year has been somewhat disrupted by events beyond all of our control, our intention at the 2020 AGM was to ask all in our community what they felt the Barlow should be doing to support the community. We will hold the AGM as soon as we are able to fill the main hall.
We’ve changed quite a few things so far this year but we really need to do much more to align ourselves with what the people of North Turton need and want from their local community Charity. So we need you to tell us!!
Please either comment below, send a private message, email info@thebarlow.co.uk, or simply speak to any of the Trustees regarding what you feel is needed.
Many of you are members of the Covid Support WhatsApp group which has provided a base for help and support around the Parish over the last four months or so, we are planning to continue with this group permanently and add other methods of contact as a Group aiming to provide permanent support for those in our community that require it.
In the short term and as soon as we are able we are looking to provide provision for Dance Classes, Martial Arts Classes, and Ballroom Dancing Classes in the main hall on week day evenings, supported by the Reading Room Cafe/Bar. In 2021 we are looking to have at least one major event per week at The Barlow with Private Parties, Weddings, concerts, and theatre/cinema style entertainment etc with an aim to create enough surplus income to subsidise the Community activities such as the Luncheon Club, Memory Cafe, and Toddler Group to the point where no charges are necessary.
We sincerely want to get to the point where the answer is ‘YES’ , and then think ‘how do we make that happen’ ………all views welcome….
Mike Fay – Chairman

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